Tricolour Tortillas

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Commemorative Tortillas with the colours of the Mexican flag.

Mexican Independence Day (16th of September) is celebrated with festive fireworks, fiestas or parties, and lots of good food and music. The colours for the day are of the Mexican flag — GREEN, WHITE, and RED — which are seen everywhere in public areas along with flowers and other decorations. Mexicans jubilantly blow whistles and horns and throw confetti, and crowds chant “Viva Mexico!” in the streets. 

Many people outside of Mexico think that Mexican Independence Day and Cinco de Mayo are the same thing. Cinco de Mayo celebrates another victory when the outnumbered Mexican army defeated the powerful French militia in 1862 during the Battle of Puebla.

Tortilla Ingredients: Corn flour treated with lime, water, Potassium Sorbate, Calcium Propionate, Fumaric Acid, Salt, Natural Colouring.

Gluten free and vegan friendly.