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The truth about 5 de Mayo

Did you know that 5 de mayo is not celebrated to a great extent in Mexico? 5 de mayo (of 1862) was the day in which Mexican soldiers defeated a larger and better equipped French military force.

Some people believe that 5 de Mayo is Mexican independence day but actually Mexican Independence is celebrated on the 16th of September. The good news is that now you have two dates to celebrate the Mexican traditions that you love!

Salud Compadre!

We Love Tacos!

Tacos are a Mexican staple that is easily one of the most popular and delicious Mexican foods out there. 

Make your own delicious tacos using our range of traditional food.  Enjoy!

Did you know that...

According to legend, Mezcal was created when a lightening bolt struck an agave plant, cooking and opening it, then releasing the liquid inside. That is why people often refer to it as the “elixir of the gods.”

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