Extra Soft Corn Tortillas

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Our Extra Soft Corn Tortillas are a delectable blend of authentic Mexican flavour, made with only the freshest ingredients. Their soft and pliable texture is perfect for authentic Mexican tacos and any other dish that requires the use of tortillas. Each tortilla is made with corn, water, oil, and salt, providing a lightly salted, preservative-free base.

Vegan, gluten free and preservative free!

No refrigeration needed.

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Heat me up! this brings out my subtle Mexican flavours and makes me soft and pliable.

Please Note:

These tortillas have a strong corn taste. Nixtamalization is a traditional process where the corn kernels have to be cooked with lime (calcium carbonate) before they can be turned into masa to produce tortillas. Calcium Carbonate has a very particular smell which you will find in these tortillas. Once you heat up your tortillas this  smell will dissipate. If you are after a less intense corn tortilla we would recommend you to order our yellow or white corn tortillas.