Harina PAN dulce - Sweet Corn Flour 500g

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Harina PAN dulce is a 500g bag of sweet corn flour from the PAN brand. Made from 100% naturally derived whole grain Forraje Blanco corn, this flour contains 100% of the grain’s essential nutrients, providing customers with a nutritionally balanced cooking option. The flour is GMO-free, low-fat, and high in fiber, making it the perfect cooking choice for health-conscious individuals looking to add flavor to their meals.

The “Arepa de Choclo or Chocolo”, also known as cachapa, chorreada, jojoto corn, or sweet corn tortilla, is a delicious traditional dish in Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Ecuador. Its preparation is similar to a pancake, or a common arepa, except that it is not made with wheat flour, but with sweet corn.