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Pony Malta is the Colombia's most famous maltese beverage, and now you can taste it all over New Zealand.

It is the malt-based drink that has accompanied Colombian homes since 1953, offering a nutritious alternative for the whole family. Pony Malta is made from malt, water, sugar, barley malt, vitamins, among other ingredients.

Pony Malta has its beginnings in 1949, when Bavaria proposed to make a drink that would supply a third of the nutritional needs of an average Colombian, the idea came from several brewers, among which was a Czechoslovakian Guillermo Blaschket. The result of 4 years of hard work was this drink aimed at children, youth, and athletes. Which was released on June 23, 1953 in a 1/6 liter presentation.

Note: It is a non-alcoholic malt drink,