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Harina PAN is one of the most popular brands of Precooked white corn flour. Originally from Venezuela but is a very popular brand in Colombia and Worldwide. There are a lot of Latin American food/dishes that use this special corn flour as the main ingredient. You can use it to make Arepas, Empanadas and more!


History of Corn Flour Brand: P.A.N.
Empresas Polar is a Venezuelan corporation that began operations as a brewery and was founded in 1941 in the city of Caracas, Venezuela. It is the largest and best known company in Venezuela that has diversified over the years by including different types of brands and products mostly related to the food processing industry.

By supplying the high demand for cornmeal in international markets during the last decade, Empresas Polar is one of the pioneers of the manufacture of precooked cornmeal.

Today P.A.N. It is an internationally recognized brand, which can be found in more than 60 countries,  providing the taste of corn to consumers in an easy and practical way. P.A.N. It is a product that thanks to its nutritional properties and its delicious flavor is able to inspire and generate special moments where sharing is a fundamental part of the gastronomic experience.