Yerba Mate Playadito 1 kg

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Introducing Yerba Mate Playadito, the perfect beverage for those who appreciate a healthy lifestyle. Made from the highest quality yerba mate leaves, Playadito is a rich, aromatic blend that delivers a smooth and balanced taste with a hint of natural sweetness.

This 1kg pack of Yerba Mate Playadito is perfect for those who love to indulge in this traditional South American drink. Whether you enjoy it hot or cold, the bold and invigorating flavor of Playadito will awaken your senses and provide you with the energy and focus you need to tackle your day.

Sourced from the sun-drenched fields of Argentina, this yerba mate is carefully harvested and processed to ensure maximum freshness and quality. The result is a product that is not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants that help support overall health and wellbeing.